Thursday, 16 April 2015

Another Lord Escapes Justice - Another Cover Up

Lord Greville Janner is entirely innocent of all charges say his family as the CPS decide he is unfit to stand trial due to dementia or whatever.  For those with long memories there was another peer in the Guinness case who became the only person to have ever recovered from Alzheimer's.  He got better just after the case was dropped.  A miracle!

Will Greville make a stunning recovery?  Maybe, maybe not.  He is apparently old and sick and hey - he may even be innocent.  We will never know.

The people who should stand trial are obviously the child-abusers but also those who cover up these cases.  The ones who have perverted the course of justice over many years to protect the rich and powerful.

There were numerous chances to investigate and prosecute Lord Janner well before he became very old and ill.  The same as with Savile, Cyril Smith, Lord Brittan.

All these people denied the chance to clear their names.

The game seems to be that the police, senior civil servants, politicians and judges move to protect their own.  Keep a Lord out of court and win promotion to Chief Constable.

Mick Creedon - now Chief Constable (lol) - was ordered to drop an investigation into Lord Janner back in 1989.  The order came from 'higher-ups'.  He and those people should be investigated before anyone else gets dementia.

Will they ever actually prosecute someone other than Gary Glitter?  He apparently has no friends in high places looking out for him unlike Mr.Savile.

Did another one escape justice today?  Judging by the coverage there seems to be a mountain of evidence against the Lord but that is the only judging we or he are likely to get.

Another enquiry will be set up to establish why - oh yawn.  These enquiries never establish anything until all the guilty parties have long since died.  From Hillsborough onwards, before and beyond, it is clear that the police and judicial service are corrupt.  They are owned by the ruling elite.

Really it stinks.

Those people who pushed the investigation to one side and sat on or destroyed evidence should take a long look at themselves.  They have aided and abetted the worst kind of crime.  They have ensured that the suffering of defenceless victims in children's homes will continue.  And they are as guilty as the perpetrator.

It is time for some honest police and judges to do some real work and start prosecuting NOW.  Not in another forty years time.

I mean sheesh.  Gary Glitter won't still be alive then.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Do All Successful Athletes Take Performance Enhancing Drugs?

drug cheat cyclist
There are many sporting performances which defy belief - but the drug-cheating athletes and their sponsors can afford expensive lawyers.

That is why Lance Armstrong got away with it for so long.

Seven Tour de France victories and not one media outlet dared say anything.

Recent revelations imply that virtually all Russian athletes are chemically enhanced.

Almost the entire Jamaican athletic team of winners over the past years have been caught out.

Simple logic shows how the system works.  In order to compete at the top level athletes need a lift.  In the words of Lance and a very few others "Everyone is doing it".

An athlete who isn't keen enough to want to try for the top will not get the coaching or sponsorship deals.

It is only a level playing field inasmuch as all of them are pharmaceutical adverts.

In clean amateur sport you will see a name appear on a trophy once, perhaps twice.  Very rarely does anyone keep at the top for many years.  It makes no sense that in global competition one athlete can stay above the others for any amount of time.

If all the others are doing drugs then what about the one who claims to be clean and wins?  Is he some kind of once in a lifetime superman?  And how can he stay at the top for year after year?

It makes no sense to me or the sporting journos.  Maybe some of the public believe it.  We all want to believe.

The sponsors will suspend their own disbelief if they can use that name to sell more product.  What do they care about truth, honesty, decency?  How many kids will try to emulate their sporting heroes by taking their own chemical cocktails?

Everyone in sport has a vested interest in building and then maintaining the myth of the super sportsman.  Here he comes again, another unbelievable performance, another world record.

Years later, when the athlete has served their purpose, the products have been shifted and the next hero is being created - then we may hear about the results of retesting.  It may be that analysis has improved and those old games that defeated the testers no longer work.

The cheating currently going on seems even more blatant than that.  The testers are not testing or the results are being hidden.  The athletes are warned or tested by appointment.  The drugs on offer continue to improve.

An athlete can hit a brief peak when they may be lucky enough to beat the world.  In one event and one Olympics.  In a fair sport where no one is cheating that person could not possibly be the best four years later.  Let alone eight.

Surely it is time to stop suspending disbelief.  If it looks like a cheating duck then it probably is.

Onwards to Rio!

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Why Are Moslems Offended by Pictures of Mohammed?

This is written after the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists were murdered by two cowardly gunmen.  They had no weapons to defend themselves - only wit and satire, and a desire to be free from racial and religious intolerance.

The Moslem fanatics - and we must apparently always remember all Moslems are not like that - decided they were offended by a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed. They were offended by something so they decided to murder twelve people.  How selfish and pathetic is it to arm yourself with a gun and kill people because you are so wrapped up in religious nonsense from hundreds of years ago?

religious beards cartoon

We must breath a sigh of relief that no one ever got around to taking a selfie with the Prophet.  Their days would be numbered if they shared it on Facebook.

I am offended too by things.  I am offended by the cowards who tried to shoot the girl as she attended school.  I am offended by the banning of music, art and all kinds of freedom by religious maniacs.  I am offended by being constantly told we must make allowances.

We do make allowances.  In the West we mostly preach (wrong word) tolerance and respect for minorities - even though some of those minorities show none in return.  The religious fanatics want to impose their misguided view of the world on normal people and they threaten killing if we do not obey.

The West has largely got over religion.  Our days of burning people at the stake and other forms of torture have given way to occasional child abuse by Catholic priests.  Our friends in Israel relieve their religious frustration by killing the children of Gaza.  But the fanatics of the Moslem world - those Sunni and Shia who cannot see beyond the end of their beards - still live in some dark age of terror that they seek to impose on everyone else.

I read up on why they cannot bear to see an image of the Prophet Mohammed. In some teachings he apparently said that no images of him should be made because he did not want to be worshipped as a God.

So?  Is it intolerable that someone might draw a picture or poke fun - the same as they would about everything else on the planet.  In the name of sanity, fairness, freedom? Is the Moslem faith so rocky and insecure that they cannot live with the thought that not everyone buys into their particular brand of religious nonsense?

Why are these people so humourless and so hung up?  Boring, miserable idiots who kneel five times a day to pray to an idea corrupted over years by scholars and teachers who twist every word to suit their controlling purposes.  How can they be so stupid and backward?

More importantly from my point of view - why should I give a crap about their sensibilities?  I am with Charlie Hebdo and anyone else who wants to poke fun, undermine and satirise the poison of religious faith.  There is no place for religion in a civilised world.

Rock on Charlie.  And may the wank-goblins of Hell descend on the souls of those who would support the actions of intolerance from whatever religious whack-job fanatics - be they Catholic, Jewish, Moslem or any other so-called faith.