Saturday, 15 November 2014

Why Do Racists Have No Necks?

anatomy of a racist - head shot showing tiny ears, piggy eyes and lack of neck
I am not saying all people with no necks are racist or that all racists have no necks.  But there seems to be an excessive number of extremely ugly no-necked fat old men in most photos of racist gatherings.

It is as if the weight of their intellectual superiority has pushed their head down into their shoulders or perhaps it is the burden they carry of knowing they are absolutely in the right.

They do not need necks to perform their duty of looking straight ahead un-blinkered at a world that left them behind.  No need to turn and listen to alternative points of view from those who would call them names like thug and racist bore.

They are an evolutionary branch that may be ahead of its time or behind.  One glance at a typical BNP, EDL, British Pride (lol) or other demonstration is probably sufficient studying to conclude they are more Neanderthal than most of their fellow men.

The no-neck is useful for fighting.  It makes them less vulnerable to police baton or anti-Nazi punch.  They can barrel straight into the thick of things playing their part in making Britain Great again.  Because being a racist is the ideal way to survive in an interconnected world.

It is their only way to survive.  Their skills and intelligence have little to offer a world that is increasingly leaving them to one side.

Need a racist thug for anything?

Unless you are setting up another minority racist group and you need some morons to march down the streets then you probably don't.

It is possible to feel some fleeting sympathy for old fat ugly men (and women) who are becoming marginalised.  Ironically they are becoming one of the many minorities they themselves hate.  The outsiders, the outcasts, the ones who don't belong.

Perhaps they should go back to their own country - if there is a country for old racists anywhere in the world.

Please remember though - not all racists have no necks.  It just sometimes seems that way.

Racists All Over the World

There are racists all over the globe claiming their own supremacy.  Although they are of different nationality and language they do share the thick or no-neck syndrome, and the same ideas of course.

How nice that they can find common ground with foreigners.  Perhaps they could get together and tough it out to see which set of fat blokes really are the master-race?

If these people do eventually win then the first to lose out may be shirt-manufacturers who still make collars and barbers - as many of these people seem to have no hair either.

I will examine stupid piggy eyes in a later post...

Sunday, 9 November 2014

LIDL No Longer Serving Welsh People

In an expected move today LIDL announced that Welsh people were no longer welcome in their stores.

"Welcome is the wrong word anyway" said a LIDL spokesperson.  "Tolerated might be closer.  Anyway we don't want them".

The Welsh have been a problem in most places where they insist on speaking a silly language and being miserable.  Scientists have put this down to spending too long with sheep in the rain.

The cut-price supermarket chain had given up stocking leeks, dandelion and burdock and CDs with Welsh people singing - in the hope they would get the message and flock off.  Sadly they kept coming back and moaning.

LIDL prides itself on equal opportunity and rights for all except the Welsh which seems a fair enough attitude in these PC times.

Plaid Cymru made some sort of comment but without access to a translator who knows what they were saying?

Sales at LIDL are expected to soar as normal shoppers who can speaka de English return.